Pink, Red, and White!


Valentine's day has come and past and I had such a blast! 

To be perfectly honest with you I had every intention of skipping Valentine's day this year. We made no plans, I didn't schedule any affordable mini studio photo sessions weekend, and we bought no gifts. Then it got closer and I had 4 inquiries for the weekend before valentines day (YAY!) I love full session weekends! One of those session's requested a Valentine's day theme and off we went haha! 

I went online for inspiration and immediately fell in love with the idea of having a balloon banner! So many vibrant colors, completely customizable and fun for my little's! 

Of course Valentine's day is not complete without throwing in some rose petals!  

This sweet baby girl came in for her 3 month milestone session and it just happened to fall right before valentines day! She looks so good dressed up in red! 

Miss Audrey came in for her six month session and was so proud she got to sit in the big girl bed! 

Valentine's day was particularly special for Ethan as he got to have his medical helmet removed for good on Valentine's day morning!

I love spending each and every day with my 4 valentines! <3