My Journey to Becoming an Affordable Newborn Photographer in Carmel Indiana


Hi guys! Welcome to my blog! I am so excited to start sharing about my photography journey with you!

How did I go from being an 11 year old girl, living as a missionary kid in a tiny former soviet republic country, taking pictures of the 4 small kids I babysat with my ipod touch to the married boy mom of three, affordable newborn photographer I am today? I can't wait to tell you all about it through this blog! I will also be giving you lots of tips and tricks to taking good candid photos of your kiddos as they grow!

I have always loved kids. I started by being a mommy's helper to the neighbor when I was 8 years old. As I grew up that quickly turned into nannying, babysitting, and daycare work. My Grammie gave me my first camera, an ipod touch at 11 years old and I lived with it in my hands! Throughout college I upgraded to a point and shoot where I took lots of pictures of kids I babysat, clouds, and my handsome boyfriend who later turned into my husband and the father of my three boys.

My husband and I got married in college and bought a house shortly after. I got pregnant almost immediately and started looking into maternity and newborn photographers. After I got over my sticker shock I started talking to my husband about getting a nice camera. Since he is an awesome gift giver who had been thinking about it already, he bought me a Canon Rebel t5 that same day! I was in heaven playing with it! I took pictures of snow, my family and anything else I could get my hands on.

When my son was born I was so excited to take amazing newborn pictures of him. Unfortunately that did not happen. I had no idea what I was doing! I didn't know how to properly pose him, wrap him, prepare him for the session, edit the photos or even how to take the pictures in manual mode! I would have been so much better off hiring a professional. But I stuck with it, and practiced, practiced, practiced. And eventually, I got to where I am today!

For the next 2 years I practiced all the time. I did sessions with my boys almost daily and families and newborns on the weekend. By 2018 I felt prepared to register as an LLC and become an affordable professional newborn, family and maternity photographer in Carmel Indiana. It has been a little over a year since I started doing this professionally and I love every second of it! I have my entire living room decked out in newborn photography props and equipment. I am so eager to learn and I still get goose bumps at every single inquiry and session I get to shoot. My goal is to ramp up my newborn and studio clientele year round so that I can continue to keep my prices affordable and provide timeless photos for every family to cherish.